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Ok this is my first freinding memee so please be nice ^_^; Anyways its for MCR aka my favourite band so fans only plz no flaming!!!!! Just have fun + I hope u meet some nice people :)

1: whats your name?
Derek Smith
2: how old are you?
3: where do you live?
Poland (warsaw) but I use to live in Livepole UK + moved here for uni
4: what people do you want to add?
Any one who wants to add me
5: whats your fav MCR song?
Im Not Ok (I Promise)
6: whats your fav MCR album?
Welcome To The Black Parade
7: whats your fav MCR video?
Welcome To The Black Parade
8: who's your fav MCR member?
Gerard Way I love him soooo much
9: what MCR merchandise have you got?
I had a autographed poster + black parade uniform but my stepdad sold them on ebay
10: do you count yourself as an "emo"?
Yes allways
11: have you ever self harmed?
Yes unfortunatly :'(
12: what do you think of fans who kill themselfs cause of MCR?
I dont think their true fans because they bring negative attention on MCR
13: do you get picked on for liking MCR?
all the time by people @ university + online
14: have you ever gotten back at bullies?
yep I put poo in their letter box lol
15: whats your personality like?
Im a nice guy according to my friends Im quiet + quite shy but I get louder when I talk about my intrests
16: have you ever been to an MCR gig?
No but 1 day.........
17: have you met MCR before?
No its my dream to do that
18: if u could tell them 1 thing what would it be?
"U have saved my life" + i would ask gerard to sign my MCR shirt
19: whats your fav movies/books/tv shows/games except MCR?
Most Haunted (TV) Sofia's Diary (TV) Catcher In The Rye (book) Twilight (book) Any book about MCR, my stepdads book "Roy: Raising the Legend", any thing intresting to me
20: are you a member of the black parade?
I hope i can be 1 day!

This is the code if u want to join in

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16th Feb, 2013 18:12 (UTC)
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